Sunday, 26 October 2014

In my study there is a box containing a large number of prints that has gathered dust for over twenty years.  The prints are of images shot over a period of about ten years from my final year at university to around about my 30th year when I developed a more serious interest in photography.

My first camera was a point and shoot my parents gave me as a present for my 21st birthday though I can't remember the make of the camera.  However, it survived a few trips in my rucksack and finally expired after a holiday in Belize and was then replaced by my first real camera, a Nikon FE.

I haven't looked at the prints in my box for many years, in many cases since I got the films processed in whichever processing lab was closest at the time.  The photographs are records of family gatherings, half forgotten holidays and week ends away with a few rather toe curling reminders of my misspent student years in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I have decided to digitise these films and post some of the better images on this blog.  The prints will be discarded and the negatives archived as I try to clear out some of the detritus of my life.

The photographs were taken before I had any real knowledge of the art of photography -  they were shot on cheap film (mainly Kodak Gold)  which any serious enthusiast would have scoffed at, though ironically such film has a certain cache amongst lovers of analogue photography these days.

The concepts of composition, the use of light and contrast were only beginning to be formed in my mind in those early days and whilst some of these shots have merit, most are simply snap shots.  They do, however, record my twenties if perhaps incompletely and for that reason alone they have merit to  me.

I will post images from each film as I scan and edit them with a brief narrative.  The films will be posted in no particular order, but just as I pull one from the box. I have set myself no timeframe or deadline to complete this task, I will post as and when I have the time to do so.

I've no idea how many films I have to scan, some of the negatives are damaged or missing and this blog will end when all the negatives are scanned.

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