Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Film 12

At some point in the mid nineties I ventured off to Morocco for a two week holiday to the Atlas mountains in what turned out to be en eventful trip.

I stayed with a Canadian photographer for a week in a Berber village, had breakfast with a Berber villager whilst hiking through their valley, had a fraught experience buying hashish in the Djna el Fnaa in Marrakesh before suffering from mild frostbite in my big toe after walking up Jebel Toubkal and then becoming trapped in a mountain hut with a group of Italian and German ski mountaineers to whom I and two other British climbers had been rather (very) rude the previous day!

After a day drinking Irish whiskey and popping codeine tablets we took advantage of a break in the weather to run downhill and escape a coming storm (as well as the europeans who had decided to spend the day singing folk songs) and I then headed off to the very pleasant seaside fishing port of Essouria where I finished off the last of my hashish on the beach.

My journey home also turned into a disaster but that's another story.

The following photos were taken during that holiday.

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